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BOLD Secretário de Estado Blinken SLAMS Israel, tragédia atinge cidade fronteiriça russa e incêndios florestais aumentam na Colúmbia Britânica

In a bold move, Secretary of State Blinken criticizes Israel’s actions in Gaza, sparking controversy. Israel advances in Rafah and battles Hamas in northern Gaza. Tragedy strikes as a Russian border city faces casualties from a building collapse. Wildfires force mass evacuations in British Columbia, with smoke spreading to Alberta. Senator Bob Menendez faces corruption charges involving gold bars for the second time. Rescuers save two horses trapped in mud in Connecticut while Gov. Kristi Noem faces bans from South Dakota tribes amid controversy. Rising basketball star Caitlin Clark draws comparisons to Larry Bird, igniting discussions about race and sports standards. The NBA lottery sees the Hawks clinching the top spot with no clear number one pick this year. In entertainment news, “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” dominates box office with a $56.5 million debut while Switzerland’s Nemo wins Eurovision Song Contest amidst Gaza war protests.

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On a somber note, families seek closure on Israel’s memorial day as Northern lights illuminate Minnesota skies beautifully.

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Sports lovers can follow Arsenal’s vitória over Man United intensifying Premier League title race or Djokovic’s early exit at Italian Open.

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